Thursday, September 3, 2009


This week I've been asked twice on two separate occasions: "How can you walk dogs in this terrible heat?"

Here is my answer for those of you that are curious....

Obviously our #1 concern is safely for the animals. We stop for water several times, and are constantly seeking shade. I've found that the east side of Ocean Ave is perfectly shaded by the houses from the strand.

We tend to walk slower when it's THIS hot... It's pretty easy to just follow the pace of the dog (they certainly appreciate it)... We also are checking the heat on the ground. Some surfaces like black pavement are hotter than lighter colored concrete... We pay close attention to these details and try very hand to accommodate these necessary precautions.

When possible, we move the walking schedule around so that walks can take place in the early morning or late afternoon....

And the #1 thing we do to keep the furry ones comfortable: Pour fresh cool water on their necks & backs. At first they don't like it (but with a little neck massage, they love it).