Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dog of the Month: Cannoli

How do you like to unwind?  
"After a long day, if you see me make two quick turns followed by a shoulder tuck and a thud from laying down - it's my happy time and it's much needed. Please do not disturb, especially if my tongue is sticking out slightly because that means I'm "in the zone"."

What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? 
"My first ice cube.  It literally blew my mind.  I love the things now, but the first time I had one I didn't know if it was a toy or a treat or what I supposed to do with it! I tried just looking at it for a minute but it started to pee on my bed! So I made the decision to eat it and I've never looked back.  Best decision of my life."

Who do you admire most and why?
"My mom.  She always gets up early to take care of me. Even when I just look at her from my bed and don't want to get up, she still gets things ready for me. She's the best. "

Describe your ultimate day.
"A Saturday morning of running around with the fellas at the dog park, followed by a nap for 3 hours, a big lunch consisting of kibble, chopped carrots and a nice piece of aged cheddar cheese and of course a slightly chilled bowl of fresh water to wash it all down.  Then an afternoon and evening of watching TV with the folks, a small dinner and of course another walk to make sure nobody has peed over any of my spots in the neighborhood.... It's bliss."

What's your motto for life?
"Slow and steady wins the race."

Describe your personal fashion sense.
"Minimalist.  I prefer to only wear a collar when going out and to be honest when I'm home, I prefer to wear nothing at all (please no paparazzi)."

What's your beauty secret?
"Genetics.... but my consistent and regimented daily routine of sleeping at least 6 hours during the day plays a factor.  As well as when I do choose to walk my parents for a little cardio, I'm always pushing my body to the limits and taking that extra step in search of something new to pee on."